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Standardized Communication

For the implementation of future grid management processes between different grid operators (distribution grid operator and transmission grid operator) as well as between grid operators and significant grid users is of fundamental importance. FuturePowerFlow, therefore, includes all relevant interfaces and communication options for the execution of data exchange, balancing and billing processes.

The basis for the standardized market communication in the platform are the network codes established the European Union, including the Systems Operations Guideline (SOGL) and the Generation and Load Data Provision Methodology (GLDPM). The Common Grid Model Exchange Standard (CGMES) is used for the exchange of grid model data. Power plant deployment plans, planning data and unavailabilities can be received directly from the responsible parties for deployment and are taken into account together with other forecasts, switching states etc. Beyond the European requirements, the national requirements for data exchange are also implemented like the German PVK/PVZ/NKK.

Balancing & Accounting

FuturePowerFlow also supports grid operators in the billing process of congestion measures in accordance with different guidelines like the German "BDEW Guidelines for the Calculation of Failure Work Redispatch 2.0". A model based on the planned and realized power can be used as a basis for the calculation as well a forecast method, which uses external data (power curves, wind speed data) to estimate the possible production.

At the end of the determination of possible production a tolerance check is performed. Within the scope of the invoice generation, the system checks in which market price situation the work-output was incurred or calculates the market price of the work-output. The calculation is based on the EPEX spot exchange electricity prices and other stored price time series (e.g. Intraday ID1).

FuturePowerFlow integrates manual bill reading, payment, reporting and comprehensive monitoring. And if billing specifications change in the future, FuturePowerFlow enables uncomplicated adjustment.

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